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Under the Tree of Life

The fourth phase of DISCIPLE concentrates on the Writings in the Old Testament – Ruth, 1 and 2 Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther, Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon, Lamentations and Daniel. New Testament Scriptures include the Gospel of John; 1, 2, 3 John; James; Jude; and Revelation.

The image of the tree of life frames the biblical story: In Genesis, in the midst of garden, but off limits. In Revelation, on either side of the river is the water of life, with fruit to eat and leaves for the healing of the nations.

The colour is gold. God symbolises the glory and majesty of God, an emphasis found throughout the Writings. A reference to gold in Job connects the biblical concept of being tested and refined with the idea of moving toward completion – “when he has tested me, I shall come out like gold” (Job 23:10). The image of light permeates John’s Gospel. We think of light as golden. And images of gold from the book of Revelation come quickly to mind: the measuring rod of gold, the street of the city that is pure gold.

Old Testament
The Hebrew version of what Christians call the Old Testament has three divisions: Torah (the first five books of the Bible), the Prophets, and the Writings. The Writings include all the books that are not part of the Torah or the Prophets.

1. Redeem the Inheritance
2. The Dream Restored
3. Rise and Fall of Faithfulness
4. To Build Again
5. For Such a Time As This
6. The Approaching Kingdom
7. The Beginning of Knowledge
8. The Path of Life
9. Destined to Die
10. Life Is a Gift
11. A Just Complaint
12. On God's Terms
13. Affairs of the Heart
14. Songs of Faith
15. Songs of Pain
16. Songs of Joy

New Testament
17. The Word Became as Human Being
18. Born of Water and Spirit
19. Bread of Life
20. Light of the World
21. The Coming Hour
22. Power to Bear Fruits
23. Where No One Else Can Go
24. Weeping Turned to Witness
25. Our Life Together
26. The Power of the Tongue
27. Vision of End Time
28. Letters to the Churches
29. What Must Take Place
30. The Power of Evil
31. A New Heaven and a New Earth
32. Under the Tree of Life

The Revelation Worship Video
The Revelation Worship Video is a component unique to DISCIPLE: UNDER THE TREE OF LIFE. Worship plays a central role in the book of Revelation. Through video, UNDER THE TREE OF LIFE participants will experience the book of Revelation as worship. The video provides an interactive, sensory experience. Viewers will participate by reading, singing, listening, praying, and lamenting and will be immersed in the words, images, colors, and music that declare triumphantly that the God who is at the beginning is the God who is at the end.

This video worship experience proclaims that the book of Revelation is a message to embrace and a hope to anticipate. It is the climax to the journey DISCIPLE participants made from Creation to the New Jerusalem. The Revelation Worship Video, more than an hour in length, will be used in Session 31. The video is not optional. It is intended for the group meeting, and each study group needs access to it.

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