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Remember who you are

REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE is the third study in the DISCIPLE programme and is available to adults and youth who are graduates of BDTBS.

REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE concentrates on the Old Testament prophets and the letters of Paul. The prophets and Paul are continually calling their hearers and readers back to their God and to a sense of who they are as a “set apart” people.

Old Testament
The Prophets and the community cannot be separated. The prophets spoke for God, out of the community, to the community.

The Prophets
1. God’s People Weep
2. God Sent Messengers
3. Starved for the Words of the Lord
4. God’s Faithfulness
5. God’s Requirement
6. God Pleads
7. God Rules the World
8. God’s Anguish
9. God Will Not Abandon
10. The Day of the Lord
11. God Renews
12. God Will Save
13. God’s Vision for a New World
14. God’s City of Peace
15. God Will Restore Zion
16. God’s Mission for Israel

New Testament
Paul’s experience of the risen Lord, his relationship to the community he addressed, his Jewish traditions, and the Greco-Roman culture of his day merged in his writing of the letters. Paul used the language of his culture to carry the message that arose out of his roots in the Hebrew Scriptures and Judaism.

The Letters of Paul
17. Called Through God’s Grace
18. The Letters of Paul
19. The Lord Is Coming
20. Honest Labour
21. Seeing the Good
22. The Body of Christ
23. A Church in Trouble
24. Justified by Faith
25. Salvation for All
26. New Life in Christ
27. Fruit of the Holy Spirit
28. Christ Above All
29. Armour of God
30. Leadership in the Church
31. From Generation to Generation
32. Having Heard – Speak
32. Seek First the Kingdom

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