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Into the Word, Into the World

INTO THE WORD INTO THE WORLD is the second study of the DISCIPLE programme and is prepared for youth and adults who are graduates of BECOMING DISCIPLE THROUGH BIBLE STUDY (BDTBS). It builds on biblical knowledge gained through the overview of the whole Bible in BDTBS and deepens biblical understanding by probing selected portions of Scripture. Emphasis shifts from the broad view to the deeper, more detailed view.

Genesis, Exodus, Luke and Acts will be read entirely. Each week’s reading assignments will also include appropriate passages from other parts of the Bible.

Old Testament
Torah forms the foundation for Old Testament traditions. Genesis and Exodus play a distinctive role in Torah teaching.

1. The God Who Speaks
2. God Scatters the Proud
3. God Invites
4. Carrying the Covenant
5. Conflict Within the Family
6. Wrestling With God
7. In God’s Time
8. God Works for Good

9. The Bonds of Slavery
10. God in the Fire
11. God Opens the Sea
12. Amid the Struggle God Provides
13. No Other Gods
14. Laws of Justice
15. Protector of the Powerless
16. God’s Dwelling Place

New Testament
The teachings, sermons and life of Jesus in Luke provide the impetus for the strong movement of the Holy Spirit in the events in Acts.

17. Good News for the Whole World
18. Our Saviour Has Come
19. Teach Us To Pray
20. Despising His Goodness
21. Teaching Us to Live
22. Signs of God’s Rule
23. Hospitality for the Stranger
24. Telling the Story

25. Acts of the Holy Spirit
26. Christian Community Begins
27. Missionary Zeal
28. Count It Joy
29. Love Never Ends
30. Temples, Politics and Business
31. Faith at the Center
32. Seek First the Kingdom

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