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Becoming Disciples through Bible Study

During the course of thirty-four weeks, DISCIPLE study groups will move through the biblical story from Creation to the New Jerusalem. The titles of the sessions along with theme words; theme words; and major persons, events, and topics will fix the sequence of the biblical story in the minds of the participants. The principal Scripture for each session follows the chronological movement of the biblical story:

Old Testament
1. The Biblical Word
2. The Creating God
3. The Rebel People
4. The Called People
5. God Hears the Cry
6. God Sends the Law
7. When God Draws Near
8. The People Without a King
9. The People With a King
10. God Warns the People
11. God Punishes the People
12. God Restores the People
13. Songs of the Heart
14. The Righteous Are Like a Tree
15. When Trouble Comes
16. People Hope for a Saviour
17. The Time of Transition (Intertestamental Period)

New Testament
18. Radical Discipleship
19. Mounting Controversy
20. The Hidden Messiah
21. God Seeks the Least, the Last, the Lost
22. Lifegiver
23. Advocate
24. The Explosive Power of the Spirit
25. The Gospel Penetrates the World
26. Put Right with God Through Faith
27. A Congregation in Ferment
28. The Son Shall Set Us Free
29. A Pastor Gives Guidance
30. Our Great High Priest
31. A People Set Apart
32. We Never Lose Hope
33. Gifts of Each Disciple
34. A Last Supper Together

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